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Free 1st class postage on all orders
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About Stoosh Cards

Hi, I am Jules, a Mother to five amazing people, all unique as they are beautiful. I wanted my Children to be inclusive of the card world, for them to be regarded as the beautiful people they are. It is important for a child particularly, to see themselves represented and for them to be inclusive of the world we all live in.
Cards are used to mark the most significant events of our lives whether it's a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Bereavement or declaration of Love, they give us a strong emotional response.

Receiving a card gives you something to keep and look at whenever you need to indulge in enjoyable recollection and read those kind words specific to you

In today's world, the value of a handwritten card is dearer than ever.

Stoosh Cards blossomed into being from a need, to an idea, to a dream, to a reality as a Brand that is unique, cosmopolitan and purposeful, it represents my Children, my family and my life.